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Gradac is an attractive seaside resort on a southern side of Makarska Riviera, at the foot of a mountain Biokovo. It is located on the most beautiful part of Adriatic coast, between two big tourist centers - Dubrovnik and Split, in the vicinity of all bigger Adriatic islands. It has a great tourist offer, an excellent gastronomic tradition and an interesting amusing facilities.

Gradac has a long and rich history, and its traces can still be seen in many historical buildings and cultural monuments. On the territory of the todays Gradac there was also situated a medieval town of Lapcan or Labinac, which was mentioned by the Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus under the name of Labineca. In 1649 is mentioned for the first time under the present name Gradac. It was named after the stronghold which was situated on the elevation above the present-day church of St. Michael, probably built during the Kandyan war (1645.-1669.). According to the drawing made by Giuseppe Santini, representing the naval and continental battles between the Venetians and Ottomans at Gradac in the year 1666., the tower is shown in flames. In the abandoned hamlet of Cista above Gradac, the seat of the then Fragostin's district there may be still found the remnants of the old tower. Surrounding it, there are still the remnants of rows of abandoned houses. One of the oldest existing edifices in the territory of Gradac is the chapel of St.Pasquale on the Mt Plana. It has a barrel shaped vault, and a saddle roof. Next to the old parish church of St. Antonio there is a local cemetery and the new parish church of St. Michael built in 1852. In the church, there are three marble altars with statues, the most interesting among them is the old wooden statue of St. Rok.

Although the first hotel was built here in 1919, the beginnings of a tourism are marked about 50 years later. Gradac is recognizable for its beautiful landscape, long and divine beaches and its tourist offer which is adapted for all ages. For all those who are searching for a quality and diverse holiday, Gradac is an ideal destiantion. Variety of a tourist offer will delight you as well as a typical Mediterranean ambiance.

GRADAC is located on Adriatic Main Road on the south of Split and Dalmatian county.
You can reach Gradac:

By Car
- from Austria and Hungary through Zagreb and Split
- from Hungary through Đakovo, (Bosnia and Hercegovina: Bosanski Šamac, Mostar)
- from Italy through Rijeka and Split.

By Bus
- from all big cities in Croatia through Split taking bus for Ploce or Dubrovnik.

By Train
- from Zagreb to Split and then by bus.

By Plain
- to Split Airport and then by bus.

By Boat
- from Rijeka and Ancona (Italy) to Split harbour and then by bus.
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